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266                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

will it till we hear from Honduras. There is
nothing so common as ships driving past Jamaica
and being lost for months; Admiral Parker was
so for four months.

February 6th.

Barry has quite got up his spirits, but I fancy
from no reason but Higgins's persevering in his
opinion, or perhaps from forcing himself out into
the fresh air. How often have I admired and felt
the force of the Marquis of Ormond's exclamation
about his dead son! Ours, if gone, is gone "with-
out a blot upon his fair fame." How time runs
on!—every day sinks so much of my hopes, that
I feel myself unmanned by every desponding ex-
pression or look of other people.

February I2tk.

I write to save the last post. We had just
dined when a letter came from Colonel Barry,
enclosing one just received from the General, the
date of which was the 25th of October, from